Falanx is a video installation inspired by the theatre-trilogy ‘Tryptich of Power’ by Guy Cassiers. The title and the shape of the installation refers to the phalanx, the battle formation with fixed patterns used by ancient Greek armies. In this artwork, satellite dishes have taken the place of the soldiers’ shields, and their main weapon is the information they transmit, the voices they send towards the audience. Falanx is an installation which illustrates the invisible light that is reflected into millions of living rooms by satellites, the light that shines into our houses through our televisions and that feeds us everyday new images and information.

Credits: Concept: Kurt d’Haeseleer & Guy Cassiers | Cinematography and editing: Kurt d’Haeseleer | Actor’s Director: Guy Cassiers | Assistance filming: Lut Lievens | Actors: Josse De Pauw, Katelijne Daemen, Dirk Roofthooft, Gilda De Bal, Abke Haring, Vic De Wachter, Suzanne Grotenhuis, Marc Van Eeghem, Jos Verbist, Johan Leysen, Marlies Heuer, Ariane Van Vliet | Tekst: Tom Lanoye, Guy Cassiers, Erwin Jans, Jeroen Olyslaeghers | 3D drawings: Benjamin Lasserre | Technical drawing Falanx Lichtfestival: Ief Spincemaille | Programming parabolic antennas: Tim Knapen | Technical realisation installation and drawings: Ief Spincemaille | Coproduction: WERKTANK, Toneelhuis, deBuren | Thanks: Wies Hermans, Lichtfestival Gent, Koen Roofthooft, Freek Boey, Dorian van der Brempt


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