video with music by Franck Vigroux for Raster

In the video, we see Tron-like figures chasing some unattainable quest, rippling textures, and perception opener strobic lightning. Asking d’Haeseleer about some of the main visual inspirations for the video, he jokingly affirms Tron, of course, and also his take on vaporwave. But more importantly, he continues, while making this video, he was working on a Virtual Reality-project inspired by the life and work of Edouard Muybridge, who is known for his pioneering chronophotography series of animal locomotion (with humans included in the animal category) in the 19th century. 

I made some loops of simple movements like walking or running a 3D character of a motorbiker, which it’s an iconic figure, even bordering on the cliché, that you see a lot in movies and videoclips. My biker doesn’t seem to have a motorbike. He runs and runs without any goal or destination. I liked the idea of a man who lost his mechanical horse, continuously moving but going nowhere in a virtual immaterial world. One moment he stops to make a phone call, but he doesn’t have a phone in his hand. He can only mimic the gestures of calling. The world has become an empty shell, but he keeps on going, a Sisyphus lost in Tron. 

D’Haeseleer likes to think that he fused some Albert Camus, Muybridge and vaporwave, but it was also just a lot of fun to experiment and create these visuals for the music. It was the first time he worked exclusively with 3D-generated characters, as he used to usually film the images and rework and manipulate them, but he wanted to try something new this time.

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