Video design for the performance Flesh by Franck Vigroux & Compagnie d’ Autres Cordes

A car crashes and lands next to the road into a strange and wild space, which seems out of time. Gradually the topography of the place where real and unreal seem to merge is revealed. Drawing both from the world of the English writer JG Ballard (author of notably “Crash” and “Concrete Island”) and from the personal experience of a road accident, “Flesh” explores the instant that follows the shock, the short time when time seems to stop or expand. Car carcasses take the form of moving objects, highway viaducts become huge Golems, car engines seem to levitate above a sea of ​​ice. Through this flood of images and sensations, the spectator shares the same experience as an injured driver crossing an unknown dimension, a hallucinogenic journey.

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