Lolita is a multimedia project for an ensemble of musicians, electronic sounds and treatments, a narrator, video images and dancers, based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Joshua Fineberg’s original composition, presented as an imaginary opera, is constructed entirely within the mind of its narrator Humbert Humbert. Humbert now finds himself presenting his defense, his side of the story through a video disposition given, while confined for driving on the wrong side of the road- among other things including but limited to murder. Seated among the public to whom he deliberately turn his back and surrounded with cameras, Humbert is staging himself. He is manipulating and assisting at the same time to the projections of self images,which he uses to reconstruct a fantazied version of the facts. By sublimating every bit of Lolita, even her voice, (Humbert is ” singing ” while transforming its voice electronically) he plunges the spectator in the disturbing world of an middle age man madly in love with a young teenager. Whether true or entirely fantazised, Humbert’ story is soon to escape to his control and threatens to destroy him..

Direction, scenography, lights: Jim Clayburgh
Music: Joshua Fineberg
Choreography: Johanne Saunier
Video: Kurt d’Haeseleer
Actor: François Beukelears
Musicians: Ensemble FA, Dominique My, conductor/ Europe. Argento Chamber Ensemble, Michel Galante, conductor/ North America.
Dance: Johanne Saunier, Julie Verbinnen
Production JOJI INC, GMEM.

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