Inspired by the painting Erased De Kooning Drawing (1953) in which Robert Rauschenberg erased a drawing of Willem De Kooning and in doing so made it substantially his own, Joji Inc has imagined ERASE-E(X), a multi parts project in which several choreographers are invited to erase and recreate the preceding one.

It stars with a dance material provided by A.T de Keersmaeker. The Wooster Group of New York erases this prologue. Then is erased by A.T de Keersmaeker who is erased by Isabella Soupart who is erased by the video performer Kurt D’Haeseleer etc.

Kurt d’Haeseleer created Part 4 of the series together with Joji Inc. More info:

Part 4: Kurt D’ Haeseleer infiltrates the subconscious of the previous parts and resurrects BB(Brigitte Bardot) after her fatal car crash in Le Mépris.
She duets with a parabolic antenna while it is scanning the surrounding space and transmiting images of a hidden reality. An odd love/hate relation develops between her and the antenna and the question arises: “Who controls who? “
video performance: Kurt D’ Haeseleer; choreography: Joji Inc ; Light design: Jim Clayburgh; Performer: Johanne Saunier; video operator: Benjamin Lasserre; Sound operator: Philippe Arnaud . 20min

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