Pop Steroids is a laptop concert disguised as a dance performance that wants to be a videoclip. The central theme is the question ‘Why did Bruce Springsteen start to take steroids in the Eighties’ and combining pieces of text by Mongolian hardrock bands, philosophical essays by Thomas Carlyle and banter during songs in stadium pop concerts a videast, a dancer and musician construct a distorted visual biography of a dying performer in the age of downloadable music.With a body language that refers to special effects from videoclip history and laptop music techniques, Bruce Springsteen finally disappears in a sea of pixels and distorted sounds.

Music Tuk  Dance Varinia Canto Vila Video Kurt d’Haeseleer

ster_imag_groot_01 ster_imag_groot_02 ster_imag_groot_03 ster_imag_groot_05

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