The audiovisual installation ‘The White’ consists of a Pepper’s ghost-like structure. The Pepper’s ghost technique began as a stage illusion. In order to create a ghost apparition on stage, a glass plate was placed between the spectator and the scene. That plate reflected a ghost-actor, invisible for the audience. In ‘The White’ two white TV screens are reflected, but the reflecting glass plate doesn’t show a white image, as could be expected, but two streams of moving images on each side of the plate.

‘The White’ is an installation that tries to poke into the dark subconscious part of our mind. It confronts us with both our fear and resistance for what is strange and unknown as our fascination and attraction to it. White, a color associated with positivity and goodness, seems to hide a more troubled and complex reality. The sensorial experience of ‘The White’ is somewhere between ecstasy and fear, like that of a child that hides his eyes from something horrible he sees, but still glimpses through his fingers to see what is happening.

Concept & video: Kurt d’Haeseleer / Music: Franck Vigroux / Design & realisation object: Ief Spincemaille & Bout De Beul / Production: Werktank / In collaboration with: Cie d’autres cordes / With the support of: the Flemish authorities and SCAM Paris

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