Video creation for the theatre performance Chaos by Thomas Ryckewaert.

In Chaos. Making sense of an ending, biologist and actor Thomas Ryckewaert tries to make sense of the events from recent years: the untimely passing of his father, the lockdown, ecological disasters and a growing defeatism. With the help of mathematics, ecology, science fiction, diary entries and Playstation games, Ryckewaert faces his demons. In Chaos, the boundaries between the intimate and the global, between our interior and exterior world, between reality and madness, are disappearing. Can scientific models offer solace on a confusing and unpredictable planet? Can you simultaneously grieve for a loved one and for the end of the world? Is there poetry in theory? And what about theatre? Ryckewaert takes the audience on a blood-curdling trip along the highway of our contemporary consciousness, where the personal and the planetary meet.

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