‘H’ is a threedimensional sculpture in space and time disguised as an intimate audiovisual performance.  d’Haeseleer and Vigroux pursue their exploration of the virtualization of the physical world and create an immersive and hypnotic experience. 

Through a series of tableaux vivants, ‘H’ questions the spectator’s perception and creates the illusion of real physical presence by means of video projection. When does an image becomes reality?  

The title ‘H’ can stand for whatever association the spectator has, but it points without any doubt to a scientific world, where technological and material progress are more important than spiritual accomplishment. It seems to come from a scientific language, bereft of real meaning, reducing humanity to a code or a scientific formula.

‘H’ could mean ‘hydrogène’ or ‘human’ or ‘horse’, or it could be Rimbaud’s ‘Hortense’ from the famous poem with the same title. ‘Hortense’, the anagram of Centaure, another performance of Vigroux & d’Haeseleer. 

‘H’, an audiovisual riddle without a solution, horrific and sublime at the same time, a fusion of bodies resisting and fighting against a society which has lost his soul.


Production Cie D’Autres Cordes
Coproduction La Pop, Metz en Scène, Werktank
With the support of: la Région et la DRAC Occitanie, Communauté Flamande.

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