Videodesign for the theatre performance Caligula by Guy Cassiers and Albert Camus.

In Caligula Guy Cassiers continues his quest for powerful figures and rulers. Albert Camus (1913-1960) completed his drama about the cruellest of all Roman emperors just before World War II, but it was performed only after the war. Partly because of the events of the war, the work has, not unjustly, been interpreted as an indictment of dictatorship and the abuse of power. However, Camus’ Caligula is a drama about the crushing existential confrontation with death

Caligula, Roman emperor in the 1st century AD, cannot deal with the death of his sister and lover Drusilla. The realization of the finiteness of life plunges him into absolute solitude and despair. He begins a quest for the absolute and wants to expose the lies in his environment, the illusions and the compromises that make people around him in order to live and survive. His compelling call to face the naked truth makes him a tyrant who exercises his power arbitrarily.

Scenes of an unprecedented abuse of power and a humiliating brutality alternate with intimate philosophical dialogues in which Caligula attempts to penetrate the meaning of existence.

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