Scripted Emotions is a pseudo-romantic drama for two virtual binoculars. In an interactive panoramic installation a love affair loses his two protagonists and the viewer loses his illusions. Scripted Emotions refers to the controlled emotional outbursts that actors must master when acting. The prescribed emotions suddenly burst into a fit of crying, laughter on command, a ‘spontaneous’ rage.

In the installation, it are not only the characters who suffer from prescribed behavior, but also the landscape behind them that turns out to be the real protagonist. Two tourist binoculars generate a trompe l’oeil, a visual translation of a world suffering from an increased heart rate and veined with fiber optic cables and satellite links.

Credits: concept and realisation: Kurt d’ Haeseleer | Interactive programmation: Wies Hermans | Design and realisation binoculars: Peter Missotten | Music: TUK | Production: De Filmfabriek and STUK Leuven

06scripted_02_hires 05scriptedd7dad4Kurt d'Haeseleer, Scripted Emotions_02(Wim Knapen)

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