Both on stage and in his score, Aperghis unleashes a storm that sweeps away everything in its path. In the script he mixes Melville’s Moby Dick with extracts from Kafka, Baudelaire, Shakespeare and Victor Hugo. But, just as in the 14 Récitations, the words are not set to music, the words are music. The words intensify the musical high. For the singers it is a tour de force in which they are assisted by ten musicians and the ingenious use of video and stage setting (created by Peter Missotten and Kurt d’Haeseleer).

In this opera, singing, acting, music, electronics, video, light and stage set are forged into a single whole. As Le Figaro put it: ‘C’est l’union parfaite de tous les moyens d’expression qui fait d’Avis de tempête une oeuvre d’art totale.’

an opera by Georges Aperghis (2004)
script Georges Aperghis & Peter Szendy, with excerpts from Herman Melville, Franz Kafka, Charles Baudelaire, William Shakespeare & Victor Hugo
direction Georges Aperghis
assistant to the director Emilie Morin
musical direction Georges-Elie Octors
computer music designer Sébastien Roux (IRCAM)
music performed by Ictus Ensemble
with Donatienne Michel-Dansac (soprano), Johanne Saunier (actress), Lionel Peintre (baritone), Romain Bischoff (baritone) 
sound Alex Fostier
scenography, light design Peter Missotten (Filmfabriek)
video Kurt D’Haeseleer (Filmfabriek)
realisation Ictus
production Opéra de Lille (F), Opéra de Nancy et de Lorraine (F), IRCAM-Centre Pompidou (F)
presentation De Munt | La Monnaie, Bozar, Kaaitheater, Ars Musica


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