Long Grass (2012) – Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels

What if your life was swept away in one fell swoop? Is a killing machine still a child? In the theatrical video installation Long Grass, Inne Goris is inspired by the questions from and dreams and images of child soldiers. Children playing alongside hanged men. What do their stories have to do with us? Together with visual artist, Kurt d’Haeseleer, and composer, Dominique Pauwels, Goris delves into what such an extreme situation can do to people. What would you do with a knife at your throat? The myth of the innocent child is shattered. The line between perpetrator and victim, killer and child appears surprisingly thin. Long Grass is a confrontation with your own darker side.

Credits: Concept: Inne Goris, Kurt d’Haeseleer, Dominique Pauwels & Ief Spincemaille, Text: Peter Verhelst, Music, sound design and songs: Dominique Pauwels, Video: kurt d’Haeseleer, Scenography and light: Ief Spincemaille


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