‘’The Island’ is a sensorial audiovisual performance by Kurt d’Haeseleer & Franck Vigroux, inspired by a number of stories of islands and valleys destined to be submerged by the construction of a hydroelectric dam, causing deep human and geographic upheaval. The immersions of Naussac in Lozère (a village engulfed in 1980), the novel Farewell, little island” by Valentin Raspoutine, or the Three Gorges dam in China ( which is so big it influenced the speed of rotation of Planet Earth) spring to mind.

‘The Island’ questions the replacement of one world by another and our blind belief in progress. A phantasmagorical universe unfolds through incisive electronic music and reality-bending video images, resulting in a “mental journey” through a topography of mutating places.

The Island (Franck Vigroux & Kurt d’Haeseleer) from Werktank on Vimeo.

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